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Global concurrent running job core counts, all sites, all job types, by cloud, last 1, 7, 30 days
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Global concurrent running job core counts, all sites, all job types, by activity, last 1, 7, 30 days
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  • 20150318: Memory infomation added to jobs and tasks pages
  • 20150316: RW metric added to dashboard
  • 20150205: Responce time of tasks display improved
  • 20150205: Wildcard search of jobs on job parameters added (ATLASPANDA-133)
  • 20150205: Dataset information added to JSON responce (ATLASPANDA-109)
  • 20150205: Wildcard search on jobs added (ATLASPANDA-40)
  • 20141229: Main page plots show all jobs by cloud and activity
  • 20141219: curl dumps of job params. See job list page help.
  • 20141216: Request ID shown for jobs, range search added
  • 20141215: Sort by duration option for job lists
  • 20141211: Error code links in error summary changed to job lists
  • 20141211: RequestID, requestID range added to search
  • 20141210: Use transformation json metadata for error info
  • 20141209: https with auto-login if browser presents cert known to PanDA
  • 20141209: User sessions to manage state and customizations
  • 20141209: Dynamic, page dependent cache lifetimes
  • 20141209: Support reqid_from, reqid_to for job list, error pages
  • 20141208: Flow diagram on task pages if &flow=1 in URL
  • 20141206: Flow diagram on errors, jobs pages if &flow=1 in URL
  • 20141206: Add link to a task's error page on the task list
  • 20141203: Add outputfiletype on job lists
  • 20141124: rc_test error page added
  • 20141123: WN pages reflect only the last 12hrs as advertised
  • 20141123: Task dashboards cleaned up, speeded up
  • 20141116: Task, job displays customized for event service
  • 20141113: Dashboards show all (pre)active jobs, not just N hrs
  • 20141113: Support URLS of form .../jobs/?pandaid=firstid,secondid,...
  • 20141107: Task name search supports front and/or back wildcards
  • 20141102: batchid search uses job list instead of a single-job search
  • 20141013: Support date_from=2014-10-01&date_to=2014-10-03
  • 20141013: Support earlierthan=Nhours, earlierthandays=Ndays on URL
  • 20141013: Filter duplicate jobs arising from archive transfer overlap
  • 20141013: Include zero-job sites and test jobs in dashboards
  • 20141013: Logfile links routed to Jarka's new filebrowser
  • 20141013: Creator job links on job pages now work for ages up to a year
  • 20141013: Task list depth on user pages shortened to 7 days for speed.
  • 20141010: Job pages provide links to creator job search for input files
  • 20140923: Job pages directly link to object store based log tarballs
  • 20140913: Link DEFT request page from task list and detail pages
  • 20140912: On task page highlight input containers, hide datasets by default
  • 20140911: Task name search supports wildcarding
  • 20140911: Show wait time, duration for jobs not yet running, completed
  • 20140818: Job attempt# off for user page, JEDI jobs. Not meaningful in JEDI.
  • 20140818: Task attribute summary added to user page
  • 20140817: Output container list added to task detail page
  • 20140817: Support clarified. Use DAST list, as ever, for dist analysis support
  • 20140817: curl retrieval of json task data. Search on curl in the help
  • 20140817: Merge (and other non-retry) jobs supported as a relationship type
  • 20140816: Cache lifetime 3min for all pages, documented in footer. Report issues
  • 20140816: Restructured help with consolidated help page
  • 20140815: Show prodsys1 tasknames in error summary
  • 20140814: Task summaries (huge and slow) removed from non-task dashboards
  • 20140814: Task state names in task list, detail pages link to state doc
  • 20140814: Task list in user pages brought up to date, with input completion
  • 20140814: Wildcarding implemented for taskname in task lists
  • 20140813: Works on mobile. Still tuning to do. Report bad issues please.
  • 20140813: Add task searches for campaign, project, stream, tag
  • 20140813: Add project, stream and tag summary info to task lists
  • 20140813: Auto redirect pre-JEDI task detail pages to old monitor
  • 20140813: Show in, out datasets on user pages and job lists
  • 20140813: Fill state colors in dashboard task, job summary tables
  • 20140813: Filled color in the status cells for job and task pages
  • 20140812: Campaign added to task list and detail pages
  • 20140812: Task pages use new DEFT-friendly 'superstatus'. See task page help.
  • 20140812: Stalled task search added
  • 20140812: Improved job listings on user pages (matching job lists)
  • 20140801: Job name links in job lists
  • 20140801: Finished/failed job counts and %failed added to task error summary
  • 20140801: Dashboards for task-based analysis, production job summaries
  • 20140801: Finished/failed job counts and %failed added to site error summary
  • 20140731: Task names in error summary (for JEDI; old tasks need DB fix)
  • 20140730: Json output for job lists added. See job list page green doc.
  • 20140730: Pilot counts (last 3 hours) added to regional dashboard
  • 20140730: Defined, waiting states added to dashboards
  • 20140730: Panglia plot popups for clouds and sites added to dashboards
  • 20140730: Switch front-page plots to ones that take multicore into account
  • 20140711: Add error interpretation from the descriptions
  • 20140710: JEDI action log added to task detail page
  • 20140709: Site job listings and WN info pages changed to 12hr default
  • 20140709: Computingsite wildcards in error summary. See error page help.
  • 20140709: Direct navigation to clouds in Sites menu
  • 20140708: %fail numbers on dashboard and task list link to error summary
  • 20140708: Stalled jobs search added
  • 20140708: Show jobs transferring >36hrs, by cloud, in prod dash
  • 20140707: Task page sorting added
  • 20140704: Links to new documentation on JEDI for analysis
  • 20140703: Metadata added to job pages
  • 20140702: Added contextual help framework
  • 20140702: Improved file info for JEDI's more complex file processing
  • 20140701: Added working group task summary to WG dashboard
  • 20140701: Added inline dataset list, job parameters to task detail page
  • 20140630: Show input file counts for tasks to indicate progress
  • 20140630: Ticket specs retrieved from JEDI task table (not taskparams)
  • 20140626: Task status labelled as JEDI task status in list and detail views
  • 20140626: JIRA ticket links added to task list and detail pages
  • 20140626: JEDI log information added to task list and detail pages
  • 20140624: Priority ranges show how priorities are apportioned, allow drill-down
  • 20140624: Jobset ranges added to job attribute summaries to de-clutter listings
  • 20140623: Debug mode in job pages (—debugMode option; prod usage)
  • 20140622: Show time to start, duration instead of start time, end time
  • 20140621: JEDI dataset, file, file list pages added
  • 20140620: JEDI work queue added under Sites menu
  • 20140620: Event service job, task listings added
  • 20140617: Expanded sorting support
  • 20140617: Show multi-cloud production sites associated with clouds
  • 20140616: PanDA logger added
  • 20140611: Throttled state supported
  • 20140610: Working group dashboard added, summarizing job status by WG